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Indulge your little one in the soothing embrace of our Mustard Seed Pillow, thoughtfully crafted to provide the perfect support for their delicate head. Our pillow is custom-designed to cater to head support, prevent flat-head syndrome, and ensure restful sleep with our specially engineered organic mustard seeds. The Tulo Baby U -shaped mustard pillow seamlessly combines the time-honored traditions passed down by nurturing mothers with scientific expertise, resulting in a pillow that offers the ideal blend of comfort and safety.

We recognize the importance of providing a nurturing environment for newborns, as their early months play a vital role in establishing healthy sleep patterns and overall well-being. With Tulo Baby products, we offer everything you need to create a secure, cozy, and tranquil nursery setting, allowing you to worry less and devote more quality time to bonding with your little one. Our Nesto Pad is thoughtfully designed with all the essential accessories, including a U-shaped mustard head pillow that proves invaluable during co-sleeping with your baby. Rest assured, we've got you covered with products that prioritize safety, comfort, and the special moments of connection with your bundle of joy.

Our pillow is meticulously crafted to deliver balanced support, promoting healthy blood circulation and preventing skull flattening during crucial stages of development. With a focus on care and the use of organic materials, it creates a gentle and cozy resting surface for your precious baby.


Babies need proper support on their head and neck when they sleep to avoid conditions like flattening of head. Our U Pillow is one of the sleep essentials for your baby's sound sleep and round head. This baby pillow offers great support to your little one's head and neck, preventing your baby from sleeping in awkward positions. Place this pillow below your baby's head, so that it remains in the right position.


•  Size: Available in two sizes
•  Ergonomic in design,provides balanced support for your baby's head, aid blood circulation, and full skull support.
•   These pillows feature a organic cotton case and are filled with carefully selected, tiny-sized organic mustard seeds
•  Customized head support, prevention of flat-head syndrome, and comforting sleep with our specially engineered organic pillows.
•  Removable and washable cover
•  Easy Breathing – Breathable fabric allow air circulation 
•  Easy to care


MINI: 0-8 months
MAXI: 0-12 months


OUTER SHELL: 100% Organic Cotton
LINING: Porous non-woven fabric
FILLING : 100% Organic Mustard Pillow


With your purchase, you will receive a removable pillow cover featuring a stylish a piping border.The filler is thoughtfully filled with organic mustard seeds, providing a secure and comfortable support. It consists of two parts: an outer covering that can be easily washed, and an inner compress that holds the organic mustard seeds. Invest in this purchase to enhance your sleep experience and add a touch of style to your living space.


It takes approximately 12-18 months for a newborn baby's skullcap to fully develop and shape itself. During this crucial period, using a mustard seed pillow for your baby's head is an excellent choice. This pillow effortlessly adjusts to the natural contours of their head without exerting any pressure, thus helping prevent potential flattening of the head.According to Ayurveda, mustard seeds are also a good source of bio energy for your child and will reduce possible ear infections, help calm colic, and soothe sinuses.

Whether you lay your baby on a bed, rocker, or cradle, this pillow provides reliable support. It's important to ensure that your baby's head and shoulders rest securely on the pillow, and always supervise their use.


  • Prior to use, carefully inspect the pillow for any loose mustard seeds, as they can pose a choking hazard to babies.
  • Test the product for a few days to ensure your child does not have any allergies to mustard seeds. If you have any concerns, consult a doctor for guidance.

    COVER: To keep your cover in pristine condition, we recommend machine washing it on a gentle cycle with a maximum temperature of 30º. Please refrain from using bleach, soaking, or scrubbing the cover. After washing, tumble dry on a low setting. Ironing is not necessary.

    FILLER: The filler is not suitable for washing. For disinfection and moisture removal, we advise placing it under the sun to naturally disinfect and refresh. The sun's rays will help eliminate any unwanted bacteria and ensure a clean and dry filler.


    Made in India with care - Fabrics dyed and printed in India.


    Tulo Baby ships to all over India. We use 3rd party shipping service providers. The risks related to the delivery of your order is borne by the shipping providers and shall be subjected to the terms and conditions of the individual shipping provider. Return of a NESTO PAD AND ITS ACCESSORIES is only accepted if the product is damaged, we advice you to check the size in advance as return/refund of a Nesto Pad and the accessories, due to size is not accepted, although we accept exchange of sizes.

    We do not accept the return/refund of a NESTO PAD AND ITS ACCESSORIES for any other reasons. Once the payment is confirmed by our accounting department, the delivery takes approximately 5 to 7 working days. If you have any further questions please get in touch with by dropping in a mail at contact@tulobaby.com


    All of our items are designed and handmade with care and love in India. Made by hand, slight variations are natural and part of the charm

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