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Surprise the new mothers with Tulo Baby's delightful baby carry nest, a perfect gift for their little ones. This lightweight nest features a charming quilted design on the outer side, while the inside is lined with a plain fabric. With Tulo Baby's carry nest, your little bundle of joy can experience the comfort of home and a familiar environment wherever and whenever they need it.

This versatile nest serves multiple purposes, making it a must-have for both travel and everyday use. It can be used as a cozy co-sleeping bed, providing a comfortable and secure space for your baby to nap peacefully. Alternatively, it can serve as a relaxing lounging spot, allowing your baby to hang out freely while feeling snug and secure.

Crafted with utmost care, the carry nest is made of 100% organic soft poplin cotton, ensuring a gentle touch against your baby's delicate skin. The zip fastenings on the sides allow for convenient access and enable you to cover your little one with a light quilted blanket for added warmth and comfort. Designed for babies weighing up to 10 kgs, the materials used are free of azo dyes and any harmful substances that could pose a risk to your baby's health. The carefully selected fabrics create a safe and nurturing space for your baby to nap, enjoy massages, and freely move their body.

With its bolster cushioning and soft pillow, this carry nest provides optimal protection and support, making it your baby's favorite mini bed. Embrace uninterrupted family bonding time as you delight in watching your little one enjoy their cozy nest.

Choose Tulo Baby's baby carry nest, and give new moms a delightful surprise that combines comfort, convenience, and safety for their precious bundle of joy.


0-6 Months


•  Size:Unfolded:72cm Length X 38cm Wide
•  Made from organic cotton
•  200gm polyester microfiber padding is absorbs moisture
•  Hypoallergenic,feathery polyfill insert makes the product extra lightweight
•  Easy Breathing – Breathable fabric allow air circulation 
•  Easy Diaper Change
•  Soft cotton lining for delicate baby skin
•  Portable product for you to carry while you are travelling
• The cover is Removable and washable.


UNFOLDED :72 Length X 38cm Wide

FOLDED -42 Length X 38cm Wide


STEP 1- Place the carry nest on a flat surface

STEP 2- Unbutton and open the carry nest flat.

STEP 3- Unzip the quilted blanket to place the baby positioning the head of the baby in the centre of the protective bolster surrounding the head area.

STEP 4- You can choose to zip up the cover blanket to avoid any breakouts at night, also for tight and snug fit or one can choose to leave the cover open for ventilation.


A baby carrier nest serves as an indispensable essential for various reasons. Firstly, its compact design provides a sense of safety and security for your newborn. The nest's oval shape and raised edges create a nurturing environment that resembles the cozy confines of the womb, offering a comforting experience akin to the first nine months of your baby's life.

Moreover, the baby carry nest offers practical benefits for parents. It presents a convenient solution for carrying your baby on firm surfaces during hospital visits or while traveling. This not only ensures the baby's comfort but also promotes hygiene by allowing visitors to hold the baby without direct contact in the initial days. This alleviates concerns about others mishandling the precious bundle.

Additionally, the nest plays a crucial role in supporting the baby's neck and promoting uninterrupted sleep. By providing a flat surface, it helps maintain the baby's neck position securely, allowing them to rest peacefully within the nest. This aspect is particularly beneficial for new parents who worry about their baby's well-being and want to ensure they are undisturbed while sleeping.

In summary, a baby carrier nest is not only a must-have essential but also offers a beautiful experience for both parents and newborns. Its ability to create a safe, comfortable, and familiar environment makes it an indispensable item for early parenthood.


We offer additional accessories to make the journey more comfortable for parents.One can use a liner or an additional head pillow for a more snug and comfortable feel. Liners are excellent addition to avoid diapers for newborns.


OUTER SHELL: 100% Organic Cotton
FILLING : 100% hypoallergenic Cotton fibre
LINING : High thread count non-woven sheet


General wash and care

COVER: Gentle cycle 30º max, do not bleach, do not soak, do not scrub, tumble dry low, do not iron
INSERT: Not suitable for washing. Wipe with damp cloth. Do not tumble dry.


Made in India with care - Fabrics dyed and printed in India.


Tulo Baby ships to all over India. We use 3rd party shipping service providers. The risks related to the delivery of your order is borne by the shipping providers and shall be subject to the terms and conditions of the individual shipping provider.We have a 15 day return policy on unused and undamaged products.CARRY NEST,belongs to the newborn category, it is best to understand that any product that is returned in a damaged condition or is sent in an used condition, the refund will not be processed. The return and refund process takes between 10-15 days.


All of our items are designed and handmade with care and love in India. Made by hand, slight variations are natural and part of the charm

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